i went to play league but update so now im not playing and actually living my life


a little something to brighten your day


"It’s a promise!" - anime character thats about to fucking die

honestly my jazz class is going to get me sooo fit like she’s all about toning and working on the core and i feel awesome after it every time




a friend of mine is currently going through an abusive relationship, but doesn’t have the means or resources to get out of it and away from their partner. they’re trying to reach out to tumblr, but it’s difficult because their abusive partners heavily monitors their social media accounts. if anyone feels like they can provide resources or help in general, please message me so i can give your their URL! thank you!

or please signal boost this if you don’t know of any resources! thank yyou!


so i watched scott pilgrim vs the world again last night and the fact that im still picking up on things that i never saw before astounds me, like in this bus scene after the fight with matthew patel there’s a fucking bokeh filter on the front of the camera so when ramona is on screen all the out of focus bits are rendered as little “x”s and scott’s bits are little love hearts but when scott asks ramona if they’re dating now there’s a little ding from the bus as ramona’s turn to hearts like omg

the amount of attention to detail edgar wright puts into his films is absolutely baffling to me


(via このスコティッシュフォールドの何かがおかしいwwwでも、かわいすぎwww:ハムスター速報)

the truth is out there


the truth is out there